Our tools

Some of the things that help us do what we do

External resources

These are some of the less-well-known resources we have found to be extremely useful for doing our work.

Oxford magnetism book

e-book on solid state physics

laser engraver

Pilbrow epr book

Home grown tools

These are some of the tools we have developed in house to work up our data. You are welcome to them!

chi_Pauli calculator → This is used for our Evans method measurements. This javascript app that will take inputs of xxxx and return both the chi_Pauli and density of states at the Fermi level.

lognormal fitter → This javascript app takes a column of data that has measured nanoparticle sizes and returns a histogram and a fit of the histogram to one or more log-normal distributions.

NMR shift evaluator → This is a Python script that accepts to different .csv files that have NMR spectra, and then calculates an Evan shift between them. You will need to have the following libraries: lmfit, pyplot, numpy, and scipy.

EPR fitter → This is a Python script that accepts a .csv of an EPR spectrum. You can then fit it to isotropic through rhobic patterns built from lineshapes that include pure Gaussian, pure Lorentzian, Pseudo-Voight, and CESR (i.e., absorptive + dispersive). This requires the numpy, lmfit, and matplotlib libraries.

More tools will be added as we create them.